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Beneficiary Survey for Provision of Portable Steel Bridges on Upazila and Union Roads


JICA assisted financing of “Provision of Portable Steel Bridges on Upazila and Union roads” Project in the form of a grant. JICA was sending Ex-Post Evaluation mission to the Republic of Bangladesh in order to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact of the Project. A Beneficiary Survey was carried out as part of this evaluation. The main objectives of beneficiary survey were to:
  1. Collect data, review. and analyze the social impacts of the Project.
  2. Clarify how the Project contributed to the improvement of social and environmental aspects of citizen's life in the selected areas.
  3. Explain how access to public services and facilities (clinic, hospital, school markets) and overall convenience of daily life were improved by the Project.
  4. Evaluate other positive and negative social impacts of the Project
  5. Identify lessons learned from the Project, from social and environmental points of view.


MSL was responsible for the following works for the survey and evaluation:

  • Prepared and checked the questionnaire and FGD Checklist and whether or not it is comprehensible to the executing agency and/or other Project-related agencies;
  • Provided necessary assistance to the concerned agencies to complete the questionnaire and FGD Checklist;
  • Coordinated meetings between the executing agency and/or other Project-related;
  • Selected 6 study areas and sample of 35 persons for each study area using statistical methods.
  • Trained the team for data collection and FGD facilitators;
  • Prepared for FGD sessions;
  • Implemented twelve FGDs;
  • Conducted questionnaire survey;
  • Supervised the team of surveyors during the implementation of the survey;
  • Compiled the collected data and information and prepare a report which covers all the objectives of the study.

Timeframe: January, 2012 - March, 2012

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): JICA

Categories: Transport Infrastructure Development, Research and Study

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