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Capacity Development Expert the Study of the Project for Integrated Development of Upazilas in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Expected concrete outputs of the Project are as follows:
  • To enhance Upazila ADP by providing a yen-loan to expand the expenditure by local government institutions (LGIs) toward proper public service delivery and infrastructure development led by Upazila Parishad and Union Parishad/ Union Development Coordination Committee (UDCC);
  • To improve mutual accountability between LGIs and NBDs both at Upazila and Union levels, and to facilitate synergy effects of their cooperation for better public service delivery;
  • To improve transparency of both LGIs (Upazila Parishad and Union Parishad) and NBDs to local communities through UDCC and other good governance measures;
  • To strengthen the capacity of LGIs’ and NBDs’ staff and their collaboration mechanism; and
  • To facilitate an appropriate decentralization process.


Identified capacity development programs (e.g., training) implemented by development partners as part of their projects and by Bangladeshi government institutions particularly working for the strengthening of local government institutions. Candidate projects implemented by development partners:

  • LGSP 2 (Local Governance Support Project Phase II): The World Bank
  • UZGP (Upazila Governance Project): UNDP
  • UPGP (Union Parishad Governance Project): UNDP


Candidate government institutions worked for local government institutions:

  • NILG (National Institute of Local Government)
  • BPATC (Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre)
  • Planning Academy
  • BCSAA (Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy)
  • BIM (Bangladesh Institute of Management)
  • BARD (Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development)
  • RDA (Rural Development Academy)


Summarized and compared the capacity development programs identified above in terms of strength/advantage, weakness/problems, and lessons to be drawn.


Based on the study results above, provide practical suggestions, particularly with respect to capacity development of local government institutions, to be considered by the Project for Integrated

Timeframe: 09 September 2014 - 10 October 2014

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): International Development Center of Japan Inc. (IDCJ), JICA

Categories: Infrastructure Development, Capacity Building and Management Reform and Human Resources Management

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