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Community Legal Services (CLS)


The main aim of the CLS was to help NGOs deliver more and better services for poor and marginalized people in a way that complemented and stimulated government provision, was sustainable and supported wider justice sector reforms.  The objective was to improve the quality and coverage of CLS, build sustainability into CLS programs and organizations, and improve the capacity of the formal justice sector to increase access to justice for the poor and most marginalized groups. In particular, the CLS improved the capability of legal service NGO’s to deal with issues of land disputes to mitigate the pressure on major courts where the annual number of pending land litigation was 1.4 million, which was about 77 percent of all pending litigations. The CLS program ensured linking with other parts of the formal justice sector at the strategic level such as village and district courts, the government’s Legal Aid organization and the Bangladesh Police as well as the donor supported initiatives designed to strengthen justice institutions  


  • Provided assessment of NGOs and Capacity Building on Good Governance
  • Granted Fund Management
  • Analyzed and Progress Reporting
  • Designed Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework
  • Developed an Electronic Management Information System (E-MIS)
  • Provided knowledge Management/Exchange – Lesson Learning and Dissemination of Best Practice
  • Encouraging Public Advocacy – ongoing research on Access to Justice and the causes/consequences of Land Disputes will be used to support public advocacy and policy influence
  • Capacity Building of Legal Aid NGOs and CBOs
  • Provided Support to the Public Interest Litigation (PIL)


Timeframe: February 2012 - August 2017

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): DFID

Categories: Legal and Regulatory/ Business Plan Development, Large-scale fund management and contracting of consultancy services, Project Management and Implementation

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