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Determination of Food Availability and Consumption Patterns and Setting up of Nutritional standard in Bangladesh


Specific objectives of the research included: Determination of per capita daily food grain intake requirement for the purpose of food planning in the country; determination and development of a nutrition-based dietary requirement table for different sex and age groups of the population of Bangladesh based on calorie and nutritional needs, peoples' preferences and practices; finding out the per capita daily calorie intake requirements; setting RDA for different groups of population i.e. age/sex, PAL, etc.; identification of food i.e. production of different food items against requirements determined in 1; identification of problems of access, and utilization (knowledge, attitude and practice¬ KAP) to assist GOB in planning appropriate interventions ;identification of actions required based on the research findings to meet the food gaps, improve access and utilization and in reducing malnutrition in Bangladesh; conducted surveys on food consumption; set targets of food intake considering the physical, mental and intellectual capability the nation desires from its population in future; made a projection to achieve the target with respect to the above issues; made food balance sheet in the country and evolve ways to carry forward this activity; determined the relevant factors with specific responsibilities in addressing the demand of various food items.


Advised the Government of Bangladesh/Ministry of Food and Disaster Management to strengthen its national food availability and supply plans and design programmes to address food security requirements of vulnerable sections of population, particularly women and children. Specific involvement of MSL was in the field of nutrition and socio-anthropology.

Timeframe: May, 2007 - November, 2007

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): WFP

Categories: Health policy and planning and strategy and reform, Research and Study

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