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Facilitation Support to Tax ADR


The purpose of this ongoing IFC project was to provide the necessary support to the facilitation process to implement the Tax ADR program in Bangladesh. The pilot phase constituted the three crucial activities that facilitated the implementation of the Tax ADR for the National Board of Revenue (NBR) in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh. The project identified administrative support to facilitators and case management as the key elements necessary for successful implementation. This involved providing secretarial services, case management support and to make necessary arrangements to effectively and efficiently avail the nominated facilitators. Moreover, a centralized database was developed that maintained and distributed information of all three pilot programs. Procurement of ICT equipment for all three offices is also a key element for this project. Furthermore, MSL realized that there might be other relevant and necessary tasks required which would be agreed upon after consultation with BICF, FBCCI and the NBR.


  1. Conducted assessment to provide case management support and obtain approval for the detailed work plan on activities to be performed by consultants after consultations with BICF, FBCCI and relevant NBR department.
  2. Provided Administrative and HR support
  • Identified of gaps that needed to be addressed to provide necessary administrative support to facilitators and other supporting staff.
  • Carried out a cost benefit analysis before procuring necessary ICT equipment with internet facility, which was important to meet project objectives.
  • Hired necessary secretaries/computer operators and support staff for all three units. It was necessary to train secretaries to provide support to facilitators updating the central database.
  • Developed and maintained a roster of facilitators and the cost involved to carry out their responsibilities.
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Developed a system for evaluating case management progress and to disburse agreed upon facilitator fee, keeping a strict monitoring procedure for budgeting. This procedure also ensured that acknowledgement receipts for each Facilitator’s payment were sent across periodically.
  • Developed a framework for monitoring and evaluation of performance to measure success in achieving deliverables and expected results.
  • Gathered necessary information to develop a monthly report on overall case management and facilitation. This contributed towards a final report on overall case management and facilitation activities, which was developed and provided to IFC.


Timeframe: July, 2012 - December, 2014

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): IFC

Categories: Legal and Regulatory/ Business Plan Development, Tax and Revenue and Customs Administration, Technical Assistant

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