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In-country (Kyrgyzstan) research partner under All Children Reading-Asia Program (USAID-RTI)


This study aims to explore the system and school level practices that have supported learning continuity in Asia during the pandemic. The study will focus on the practices of policy makers that have supported teaching and learning, and consider ways in which school leaders, teachers, and parents, have worked to support children during periods of disruption. Rather than comparing the responses of countries in Asia, this study will highlight innovations in system and school policies and programs in Kyrgyzstan and make recommendations for other contexts based on insights from Kyrgyzstan’s education system. The study is a multi-country study that, in addition to Kyrgyzstan, will also examine the education sector’s response to COVID-19 in Philippines, and Lao PDR. The study will focus on the system and school participants that support students in Kyrgyzstan but will not include students themselves.


MSL will oversee the project and be the main interface with ACER to solve any project management related issues on a day-to-day basis. MSL will be in charge of:

  • Coordination, delivery and quality assurance of the evaluation survey to ACER
  • Liaise with the Ministry and relevant education stakeholders
  • Oversight of survey and interview activities to ensure timely implementation
  • Providing feedback to ACER if there are any issues with the field instruments
  • Coordinating and training all Field Teams
  • Day-to-day project management
  • Preparing the final cleaned datasets for ACER

MSL will submit a proposed list of researchers who are to be part of the field team. The list included the gender, language skills, and relevant experience in conducting qualitative surveys. MSL will be in charge of verifying all incoming electronic data collection from the field, checking the accuracy of data received, and resolving any issues in data collection during the implementation of the survey and in close collaboration with ACER. MSL will also conduct rigorous cleaning of the data including consistency checks developed by the counterpart and reviewed and revised by ACER.

Timeframe: March 2022 - July 2022

Realated Countries: Kyrgyzstan

Client(s): USAID-RTI

Categories: Education and Skills Development, Research and Study

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