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Institutional Service to Conduct a Longitudinal Study on the Implementation of Each Child Learns (ECL) of the 3rd Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP 3)


The rationale of a longitudinal study was to closely track the nature of changes being effected in the classroom teaching/learning processes, the extent to which both teachers and children are able to adapt to the changes in a sustained manner.


MSL conducted a longitudinal study to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of implementation of Each Child Learns into three phases.


Phase 1 of the longitudinal study covers two steps including: a) assessment of training processes in order to ascertain their efficiency and effectiveness in preparing resource persons/trainers and teachers; and b) focusing on classroom implementation to track the changes effected by teachers in classroom teaching/ learning processes and the effectiveness of this on the learners and the learning process.


Step 1 of Phase 1 was carried out in 110 sample schools selected from the 440 new additional practice schools of 22 PTis. It focused solely on the training programme on ECL. MSL

  • conducted literature review, qualitative assessment through, FGDs and observations;
  • conducted teacher assessment (one Bangla and one Math teacher per school);
  • interviewed the Head Teachers and Field Level Resource Persons (FLRPs) including URC/ AURC/ AUEO/ PTI Instructors through Structured Questionnaire.


Step 2 of Phase 1 was carried out with the same 110 sample ECL schools and additional 10 non-ECL schools as a control group to compare. In this step, MSL worked to identify best practices amongst ECL pilot schools as well as similar education partner initiatives. MSL,

  • conducted teacher assessment (one Bangla and one Math teacher per school);
  • identified and document those processes that effectively contribute to children’s learning/acquiring reading, writing and basic math competencies and those which do not and analyse reasons;
  • developed case studies on how ECL is affecting children’s learning competencies and teachers’ application of ECL – ABL (Activity based learning) methodology;
  • conducted student assessment to examine whether children are attaining expected competencies in reading, writing and math;
  • critically reviewed PEDP 3 education sector implementation plans and identified strengths and weaknesses that would allow or prevent large scale replication of ECL across the country.


Activities of Step 2 of Phase 1 has been repeated entirely in the second and third year when the students were in grade 2 and 3 respectively. MSL tracked the same students, who participated in Phase 1 and assessed the teachers who teaches in grade 2 and 3.

Timeframe: June 2014 - June 2017

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): Department of Primary Education / Bangladesh, UNICEF

Categories: Child Development/ Support, Education and Skills Development, Research and Study

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