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Research on Strengthening Pourashava Governance Project


The objective of the current assignments for Contractor was to support Japanese consultant to undertake study on Pourashava financial capacity to eventually devise the strategy and specific tactics in the short- and medium- time frameworks to upgrade the quantity and quantity of public service delivery by revenue increase and expenditure management.


  1. Updated and analyse the transition of the Central/ Pourashava governments’ (i) revenues and expenditures, and (ii) expenditure by categories of Revenue (recurrent) and Development up to 2014-15 by Budget Speech (Table 1), ADP (Table 2) as well as Pourashava Budgets;
  2. Analysed the mechanism of decision making, while identifying the specific formula to figure out these subsidy allotments (ADP and Recurrent budgets, Special) to Pourashavas at the central government level (Finance Division/ Ministries/Departments), to subsequently draw the schematic (operational) framework comprising game players/ decision authority and power/ timing in budgeting process;
  3. Collected numerical information, to the extent possible, on central government subsidies/ grants by category (development and recurrent) transferred to local governments in SAARC/ ASEAN/ G7 countries in the past 5 years
  4. Figured out the discrepancy of development budgets between “in need” and “actually in place” to numerically estimate a paucity (shortfall) of central government subsidies/ grants to fulfil local demand for infrastructure development/ operation and maintenance (OM), while referring to the Millennium Development Goals, the Government 5-year Plan, sector strategy as reflected in Ministry Budget Framework, Pourashava Development Plan/ Pourashava Master Plan, and others of relevance
  5. Identified administrative/ technical/ political impediments/ shortfalls attributed to the current central government subsidy scheme in the face of upgrading public services by local governments;
  6. Undertook, as necessary, interviewed survey at the central and Pourashava governments with Japanese consultant to articulate the issues above;
  7. Discussed with the Japanese consultant short- and medium- term strategies and tactics to be adopted by the central and Pourashava governments to increase revenue and curbed inefficient/avoidable public expenditures and
  8. Drafted a brief note on the findings.

Timeframe: 3 September 2014 - 9 October 2014

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): JICA, lC Net

Categories: Infrastructure Development, Research and Study

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