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Study on Verification of Infrastructure Development Plan (Package No. SD-4) under Loan No. L-3047-BAN: Secondary Education Sector Investment Program (SESIP)


The purpose of this Service Package SD-4, under Tranche 1 financing was to verify the accuracy of EMIS data on school infrastructure and the validity of the data to be used for the infrastructure needed assessment to be carried out in the upcoming selection of schools for infrastructure development.


The specific activities to be covered by MSL under the scope of the review were:

  • Development of standard based criteria for certification of schools after detailed review of the DSHE EMIS data base and SSQS.
  • Categorization of all secondary schools in the country into three categories described below, based on the developed criteria, to be approved by the Client.
  • Validation of the categorization with the real-time field data. This was done through verification of EMIS data of selected schools through a study of how well the EMIS data reflected actual status of a stratified random or probability-based sample of 513 schools and madrasah which were visited on site.
  • Arrangement of the sampled schools measured on the basis of existing infrastructure and collected data into three categories as (i) Below Standard (ii) Standard, and (iii) Exceeding the Standard through physical visits to each school in the sample to compare their situation with the available EMIS data, discussion with Upazila offices and through discussions with the teachers, students, parents and surrounding community members.
  • Assessment of scope of the Secondary School Quality Standards and make recommendations for making SSQS more comprehensive and accurate.
  • Assessment of possible environmental and social impact of envisaged extension work of the sampled schools through physical inspection and discussions with relevant school and education authorities and immediate stakeholders.
  • Preparation of reports.


Timeframe: 1 June 2017 - 1 December 2017

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): ADB, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, Ministry of Education (MoE)

Categories: Education and Skills Development, Research and Study

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