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Sub-sectors Study on Specific Industrial Products under Bangladesh Export Diversification Project (BDXDP)


The basic objective of the study was to examine the export potentials of the eight selected products of Bangladesh which are locally produced – i) Capital Machinery, ii) Pharmaceuticals, iii) Jute and Jute Products, iv) Paper and Paperboard, v) Textile Machinery and Spares, vi) Ceramic Products, vii) Electronics, and viii) Toiletries and Cosmetics. It also aimed at finding a strategy and an associated set of policies that will better enable the sub-sectors to adjust beneficially to changes in the trade policy regime.


  • Provided a brief industry profile of each of the sub-sectors. It covered, among others, the historical background of the sub-sector, organizational structure and level of technology, characterization of the labor force, market structure and marketing constraints, duty structure and competition from import as well as the overall business environment. It also assessed the strategic importance of the sub-sector to export development e.g. backward and forward linkages.
  • Presented an analysis of protection structure relevant to this sub-sector. Protection analysis included nominal and effective protection as well as Domestic Resource Cost. This helped to evaluate international competitiveness of the sub-sector.
  • Provided a detailed industry analysis. It carefully examined the impact of trade liberalization on the sub-sector and attempted to identify the key vulnerabilities and competitive threats including unfair trade practices such as tax evasion. In this order, the study was probing the potential for export by this sub-sector.
  • Provided a set of recommendations for policy actions.


Timeframe: July 2005 - October 2005

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): Bangladesh Tariff Commission (BTC), World Bank

Categories: Trade and Market and Export Development, Research and Study

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