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TA 54451-001 BAN: Updating the Revised Strategic Transport Plan for Dhaka


The objectives of the consulting services are the following:
  • Update the travel demand forecast by using the updated baseline data on traffic, economic, and social data as well as transport infrastructure inventory data. The model and the methodology for the travel demand model shall be modified and/or updated, as needed.
  • Update the urban transport development strategy by (a) assessing present and future transport demand and constraints, and future land use and development scenarios; (b) preparing future modal split scenarios in Dhaka using the (modified) traffic demand projection model, and (c) emphasis on environmentally friendly transport considering climate change impact. In addition to the priorities in the current RSTP, focus should be also placed on the following issues: (a) enforcement of a trunk-feeder transport network with MRTs as the main modality; (b) assessing the appropriate integration of the projects not included in the RSTP; (c) multimodal integration; (d) traffic management measures; (e) road safety; (f) integration of informal public transport modes; and (g) considerations for non-motorized transit vehicles, alternative mobility solutions, and pedestrians.
  • Assess opportunities for transit-oriented development along the alignment of the updated MRT network corridors.
  • Assess the current project financing framework in Dhaka’s urban transport sector and propose alternative funding options such as public–private partnerships and value capture financing.
  • Update the urban transport development roadmap including a list of indicative projects for each subsector of urban transport.
  • Update the implementation program based on an updated priority project list for short-term, medium-term, and long-term timeframes.
  • Prepare a list of output requirements for a maximum of three projects.
  • Propose institutional reforms and a capacity development program for the DTCA to increase efficiency in its urban transport planning process and capacity, after assessing the current institutional setup in the urban transport sector and the capacity of the relevant transport and land use planning agencies.
  • Propose a mechanism and/or framework to establish an updated RSTP as a project screening tool for urban transport projects in Dhaka, and assist the DTCA in obtaining government endorsement for such mechanism and/or framework, including formulation of guidelines and/or procedures for implementing such mechanism and/or framework based on the draft law prepared by the DTCA.


MSL will assist in the following:

  • Review the baseline data of the RSTP, and through close consultation/coordination with the transport modeler, confirm the necessary surveys including any additional surveys through consultation with the team management group, ADB, and the DTCA
  • Assist in the required traffic surveys with the required level of coverage and accuracy by directing the relevant national specialist and subcontractors, if any.
  • Reviewing and updating the travel demand forecast model.
  • Closely coordinate with the traffic survey expert and the traffic survey specialist to design the necessary surveys
  • Ensuring that the model adequately reflects the current transport situation in Dhaka and is realistic.
  • Assist the team in the preparation of an institutional reform program for the DTCA.
  • Assist in Overseeing the implementation and evaluation of training modules included in the above program
  • Together with the team leader and deputy team leader, assist the DTCA in proposing reforms in the project screening process in the urban transport sector in Dhaka through establishing the updated RSTP as the key project screening tool.

Timeframe: June 2022 - May 2025

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): ADB

Categories: Transport Infrastructure Development, Technical Assistant

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