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TA 7001-BAN: Management Support for Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Component-B: Optimization and Project Preparatory Support to DWASA)


Loans BAN-2382/2383: Dhaka Water Supply Sector Development Program (DWSSDP) and an attached ADTA BAN-7001: Management Support to DWASA was a loan program to support the water sector reform. The DWSSDP contributed to sustainable provision and operation of urban water supply services, particularly in Dhaka city, by rehabilitating and strengthening the water supply system. The investment under the DWSSDP had complimented by capacity building of DWASA.   The primary objective of the TA was to assist the GOB and DWASA to meet the policy reforms being proposed under DWSSDP, optimize the existing water supply sources and ensuring smooth start of project implementation. The Component B of TA consisted of Optimization and Project Preparatory Support to DWASA which included pilot rehabilitation of a selected sub-zone using trench-less technology, setup the quality assurance and control mechanisms—energy audits in particular—for the groundwater supply facilities to optimize the existing system. Furthermore, preparation, update of the quality control and assurance guidelines for DWASA, engineering surveys, technical, financial, social, and environmental feasibility study of long-term water supply source augmentation option for the Dhaka city from surrounding river(s), and preparation of any technical documents and procedures within DWASA were carried out.


ADB TA was to support the Project Management Unit of Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) in implementing, monitoring, supervising, designing, planning, and procurement. The Consultants provided guidelines to assist the local NGOs take up implementation of the awareness campaign to sensitize people on water related issues and develop a water ethic. A comprehensive approach to demand management focused on reducing non-revenue water, discouraging waste in high income areas through pricing, technical and regulatory measures in low income areas.


Assisted the Team Leader in reviewing the current situation and develop optimization plans and other recommendations, in close collaboration with DWASA staff. Also, assisted the Team Leader in ensuring quality assurance and control in conducting pilot testing, proposing recommendations for operations of zone offices and contribute in report preparation.

Timeframe: October, 2008 - August, 2009

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): ADB

Categories: Water Supply and Sanitation, Technical Assistant

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