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TA 7034-VIE: Preparing Secondary Education Sector Development Program


The impact of the TA was to improve learning outcomes in Viet Nam, which were the results of strategically planned and managed Secondary Education. Its outcome was a mutually agreed design for a sector development program (SDP) comprising a policy reform program and an investment project that would aim to deliver equitable and good quality secondary education by 2015. The proposed SESDP expected to address the key policy reforms: (i) a regulatory framework for private Secondary Education and a new policy framework for financial supports for students including scholarships, student loans, and conditional cash transfer (CCT); (ii) strengthen the quality assurance through development of Lower Secondary Education (LSE) teacher standards and application of the standards for LSE and Upper Secondary Education (USE), reforms in the national examination system, textbook production, and review and revision of the curriculum; and (iii) strengthen the accountability framework including development of the human resource management system for teachers, strategic policy on ICT in education, and Fundamental School Quality Levels (FSQL) for USE. The SESDP policy reform program would be consistent with the key policy targets of the new SESMP 2010-2015.


IISE of University of Pittsburgh, USA in association with Maxwell Stamp Ltd. Bangladesh prepared a loan program for ADB and Government of Viet Nam to improve the Secondary Educations sector. The TA examined three key policy measures and three priority areas—access and equity, quality and relevance, and efficiency and sustainability. The TA also identified areas where further developments would be planned and needed. Deliverables included: (i) an overall work plan and a participation strategy with major stakeholders; (ii) monitoring measurement and indicators (in the form of DMF) for the projected impact of the proposed project in the subsector performance and poverty reduction; (iii) review report on the ongoing Secondary Education Sector Master Plan (SESMP) 2006-2010; (iv) draft policy target under SESMP 2011 – 2015 of key educational outcomes; (v) training needs assessment of local counterparts and organizing workshops; (vi) cost estimates for a proposed loan project; (vii) detailed feasibility study report for the proposed project; (viii) analyzing constraints and challenges encountered in implementing past and ongoing ODA projects; (ix) recommendation of appropriate loan covenants for compliance with timely project implementation; (x) preparing the draft implementation plan for the proposed project; (xi) reviewing report on the Government’s regulations and decrees on non-schools in order to improve accreditation processes, which would encourage greater private investment and quality assurance of performance; and (xii) reviewing report on activities associated with the development and implementation of FSQL standards for USE.

Timeframe: August, 2008 - May, 2009

Realated Countries: Vietnam

Client(s): ADB

Categories: Education and Skills Development

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