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TA 7509 – LAO: Capacity Enhancement for Coping with Climate Change


The TA’s main aspect was ensuring better climate-resilient development in the Lao PDR, leading to improved livelihoods, especially for vulnerable groups including women. The TA took a holistic view of adaptation, including strengthening the country’s access to financial instruments available under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, such as the Least Developed Countries Fund and Adaptation Fund.   The expected outcome of the TA was an improved enabling environment to cope with climate change impacts. The TA enhanced the climate resilience of programs, plans, and/or policies by building institutional capacity for planning, budgeting, and implementing climate change actions; applying a learning-by-doing approach; and, strengthening the information base for decision making, such as through economic assessments and the development of methodologies for scaling up climate change actions. Capacity-building activities were targeted by the technical staff members and senior decision makers within the government.  


The technical assistance (TA) would strengthen capacity of national and provincial government officials of Lao PDR to cope with climate change. The TA had included (i) capacity development, and (ii) implementing pilot activities on climate change in priority sectors including water, agriculture and forestry. The consultants undertook field visits and reviewed/assessed and compiled/collated data on current status and lessons / experiences that had been drawn from climate change activities and ensured that these were fully reflected on proposed activities. The TA was implemented in a fully participatory manner and regular consultation meetings must have been held with stakeholders. Consultants had also reviewed relevant documents such as National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, National Adaptation Program of Action, and National Disaster Reduction Strategy 2020, and information on agriculture, water, energy and waste management policies. Education, training, and public awareness-raising campaign: The TA included public awareness programs on climate change aimed specifically at youth, women, community leaders, and senior citizens. Training programs targeted government personnel in both national and provincial environmental management units to build skills in economics, policy making, planning, and budgeting related to climate change through learning-by-doing activities, staff exchanges, study tours, and participation in local and national training events and forums. Collaborative mechanisms for information dissemination and additional pilot activities: This output, under the leadership of WREA, will included (i) disseminating lessons from the TA both nationally and internationally; (ii) supporting regional advisory and information-sharing bodies such as forums organized by the Mekong River Commission through its climate change adaptation initiative; and (iii) designing additional pilot activities to allow eventual scaling up and replication of the TA outcomes.


Timeframe: October, 2010 - March, 2013

Realated Countries: Laos

Client(s): ADB

Categories: Environment and Climate Change, Capacity Building and Management Reform and Human Resources Management

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