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Technical Assistant for the Project “Energy Efficiency in the Industry”


MSL is responsible for the following Activities/Tasks:
  • To provide support the IDCOL (PEA) in developing a project management information system (PMIS), including rules, procedures, and templates for managing loan appraisal, as well as the project management, impact monitoring and reporting processes.
  • To conduct an organization-wide workshop to raise the awareness of the PEA personnel about the KfW credit line programme and the growing relevance of the PEA’s energy-efficiency portfolio, and to provide dedicated training to key stakeholders of the project.
  • To conduct and supervise Energy Saving Assessments and Standard Energy Audits.
  • To carry out marketing and outreach measures.
  • To conduct financial administration of programme funds.
  • To provide support the PEA in the implementation of the environmental and social commitment plan and in the appraisal and monitoring of high-risk projects (Category A) and projects with substantial risks (B+/B where appropriate).
  • To support the collaboration between the PEA and the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority of Bangladesh (SREDA).
  • To conduct ex-post validation of actual energy savings and verification of implemented measures.
To prepare an exit strategy, providing for an orderly transfer of control over the PMIS to the PEA


The objective of the “Energy Efficiency in the Industry” project (“the project”) is to provide access to concessionary credit, incentivizing industrial companies in Bangladesh to extend and/or replace their equipment, machinery, production systems and processes with more energy-efficient substitutes.

Timeframe: June 2023 -May 2026

Realated Countries: Bangladesh

Client(s): KfW

Categories: Environment and Climate Change, Technical Assistant

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