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Environment and Climate Change

MSL will be responsible to: Identify and draft relevant policies and regulations aimed to support the activities Harmonize existing work plans and draft regulations as well as recommend the development of public structures Develop relevant policies such as drafting Solid Waste Management Rules and Medical Waste Management Rules Regulate plastic design, labeling and take back

The programme will be delivered in three phases: Phase 1: Research: gather and analyse data from companies and public dataset Network: engage with partner networks, key stakeholders, develop strategy, confirm key players, grow alliances Report: size opportunities for pollution mitigation through IS, stakeholder engagement.   Phase 2: Network: engage with partner networks, key stakeholders, develop...

Carry out Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) and prepare Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs) for the project area covered under the LDDP.  The major activities to be carried out will include, but not limited to the following: Review the ESMF Review the Project details Environmental and Social Screening Scoping...

Collected environmental legal framework, codes, criteria, conventions and organization charts Collected baseline environmental and social information for the followings Bio-Physical condition Socio-Cultural condition Pollution Conducted local biological environmental field study around ECA (ecologically critical area) and forest reserve The followings sample categories will be covered Floral Components Faunal Components Copies of Legal Codes Preliminary Assessment...

Maxwell Stamp Ltd. had carried out the following activities:   Filed Measurements of Ambient Environmental Quality Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): Comparative Analysis of Project Alternatives Preparatory Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Study for the Selected Priority Project Stakeholders Consultation Meeting:  

The R-CDTA provided support in: (i) strengthening institutional linkages and mechanisms for regional cooperation on bioenergy and food security; (ii) technical support for designing and implementing pilot studies, undertaking studies and building capacity; and (iii) monitoring and reporting on the R-CDTA activities and outputs. Component 1: Enhanced regional cooperation on bioenergy development that safeguards and...

Maxwell Stamp Limited provided consultancy services as follow (i) contributed. to regional policy dialogue on economic costs and benefits of unilateral and regional actions on climate change adaptation, (ii) reviewed climate policies and measures at the country and regional levels, (iii) identified policy gaps and constraints in implementing appropriate adaptation measures, (iv) conducted economic assessment...

The technical assistance (TA) would strengthen capacity of national and provincial government officials of Lao PDR to cope with climate change. The TA had included (i) capacity development, and (ii) implementing pilot activities on climate change in priority sectors including water, agriculture and forestry. The consultants undertook field visits and reviewed/assessed and compiled/collated data on...

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