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Water Supply and Sanitation

MSL is working for upgrading financial management/ model and for implementing financial/ investment plan in the corporate business planning. MSL is assisting DWASA in updating five-year corporate business plan, including investment plan, financial plan, tariff adjustment plan and human resource development plan. MSL is also working closely to update the financial model which will be...

MSL staff provided assistance to: (i) the implementation of package 1 for developing the overall governance systems for implementing the National IWRM Support Program, to be utilized by WREA when coordinating activities funded by other development partners; (ii) the development and implementation of capacity building for WREA staff in national and provincial offices; (iii) the...

MSL provided the services of individual consultants involved in legal, regulatory and financial management technical assistance to DWASA and ADB. Services included, but not limited to the following: Reviewing the existing regulatory framework for water supply sector in Bangladesh; Reviewing the regulatory commissions of power and telecom sector in Bangladesh, focusing on function, effectiveness and...

ADB TA was to support the Project Management Unit of Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) in implementing, monitoring, supervising, designing, planning, and procurement. The Consultants provided guidelines to assist the local NGOs take up implementation of the awareness campaign to sensitize people on water related issues and develop a water ethic. A comprehensive approach...

IWRM implementation plan: An implementation plan was prepared for IWRM during the TA period. For this purpose, the TA undertook a participatory fact-¬finding exercise to: (a) review the country’s water sector reforms in light of the IWRM and efficiency plan agendas of the WSSD, and (b) identify specific opportunities and the scope of actions for...

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